The Awakening

In case you haven’t noticed, all the non rich non healthy people on Earth are being culled off slowly by Satan, Jehovah, mere mortals and corporations. Through weaponized food in your grocery store and other ways.

Here on Earth if you have bad teeth you may be awakening to the fact that the leading brands of toothpaste themselves cause cavities.

Crest has blue dots in it that are made of polyetheline glycol that leave bacteria holes in your gums for about 100 years. Don’t worry you won’t be living for 100 years. Colgate has been proven just as good!

Most all Campbell’s soups over the counter in your local grocery store have that Monosodium Glutamate, this kind of salt will make you put on fat, contaminate your liver and help your sweat glands not to work properly.

If those three things aren’t bad enough, there’s always smoking drinking, drugs and pork that can help do you in a little faster.

While pork itself shouldn’t be too harmful, if you don’t have enough stomach acid from all the antibiotics that the doctors hand out like candy, it could have a parasite infection take root in you and give you acne, cancer, or walking dandruff, if it crosses the blood brain barrier. (also ALS may be suspected from pork).

If you happen to be a kosher casual Jew and don’t eat pork, no worries, they got you also, as it happens, fast food has been eating alot of the beef industry so badly they can’t raise cows fast enough to supply all the food chains and grocery stores with quality beef hardly anymore. In fact I bought some ground beef a month ago that smelled very cultured, like rotting yogurt type smell. No worries though there will be enough GMO monsanto corn produced in 2015 alone to feed the next generation of cows and cattle for the next several years. But most of it will be made into GMO corn syrup that will end up in your candy bars, tooth rotting foods and candy canes come December.

As if GMO wasn’t bad enough that it is taking over most of the shelves at your local grocery store, they are unnaturally splicing genes into fish that will eventually eat through all the natural genus’ of fish. Cancer rates skyrocketing since Fukushima-incident to 6000%.

So if you are with me so far and still have some non rotting teeth left, and can still eat solid food, you must vote with your dollars and buy organic food, as it may well be the only real nutrition left one day.

The Fukushima-incident/disaster happened 7 years ago and the effects are spreading pretty rapidly throughout the world, the ocean is huge mind you.

If you happen to listen to some of the programs like Alex Jones and are having an awakening, good news and bad news, the good news is that your eyes have been opened! The bad news is as Alex himself describes it is like having your awakening while being burned at the stake. Which being burned at the stake would be more fun than the deaths some of us might be headed for during the possible beast-apocalypse armageddon that could be up ahead.

As you know the bible seems to fortell of an upcoming nuclear war, but even if we could side step that keep in mind 91% of the nuclear reactors are now leaking, the used fuel should be ejected into space, but that would be common sense (were it possible), instead they dump it off the coasts here in good old America and Canadia.

Yes, in 5-10 years meese will have instead of 2 antlers maybe 5 or 6. and 14 eyeballs that don’t see too well, or see REALLY well.

There is some hope possibly though, if twenty some odd years ago you built an Earthship and grow all your own food you might survive the coming 666-beast tribulation, where you get 666 tattoed on your forehead or something.

So if this hasn’t left you so depressed that you pop antidepressants and go on Earthboppin forums, facenook or Godlike productions to whine about everything bad in the world, there may be some hope! Yes, you may find religion and Jesus.

So good luck! and keep your stick on the ice! Hang in there for the one world government New World Order of Jehovah where capitalism and greed are done away with! Where we can all learn Hebrew and be subject to the 144,000 ..unless of course.. you look upon the 666 beast and didn’t even knew it.


Stay cool this summer


One thing I have done to stay cool this summer is make my own iced tea.

The recipe I came up with is as follows:

Ingredients: 1 lemon, 1 lime, 5 tea bags, 10-12 heaping tablespoons of sugar, 2 liters of water.

Steps, bring 2 liters of water to a boil in a large pot, remove from heat and add tea bags, let steep 5 minutes, after steep (remove tea bags), add sugar, squeeze one lemon through a strainer into the pot, do the same with the lime, put empty juice jug into an empty sink and pour in the contents of the pot into your juice jug, then chill it in the fridge for about an hour and 20 minutes before serving.

Making it myself I have calculated the cost per 2L to be around 90 cents, as opposed to store bought ice tea at $1.87 per 2L.


EDIT: As a slight modification to the recipe above, instead use 7 cups of water, then after the sugar and lemon/limes add about 8 ice cubes to make it cool alot faster.

The ice cubes will melt very fast, and adding more ice cubes they will likely melt, so it’s probably best to add ice cubes to the drink when you serve it rather than to the whole pitcher in the fridge. Except for the ice cube modification to the recipe above as you want those to melt in it to replace for the reduced water.


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